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Fire bad, tree pretty!


Slam! - J.L. Merrow Disclaimer: Contains spoilers, and disdain…lots of disdain.I was so looking forward to this book, and it was a horrible let down. I need to stop having high expectations for books, every time I have of late they have been complete crap. This book has so much going wrong with it I don’t know where to start. I had issues with the characters, the dialog, the morals, and the plot. The book was just asinine, the more I read the more I didn’t care for anything or anyone. Let’s start with Jude, the main character; the farther I got into the book the less I liked him. Jude was a cartoon character of a person, with every interaction with another character a scripted show. The dialog in this was so phony, so fake it was hard to read, the side characters just perfect opportunities for Jude to show off his skills at sexual innuendo. The other main character, David, I never liked. He was an immature, clueless, asshole of a man. I mean he tries to bring Jude to a restaurant owned by his ex-boyfriend on their first date, and succeeds on their second. I don’t care who you are, I think most of us know this is a really bad idea. So you have that drama, and the fact that Jude is 12 years younger than David. I am not big on age gap relationships, but there are exceptions to every rule. This was not one of them, this relationship came off more as Jude having father issues due to his dad abandoning him and his mother, because he sure as hell wasn’t mature or adult enough to relate and have a connection to someone older. Now the big reason I hated David was the cause of the “big fight” of the book, the break up before the make up. David is in the closet at work, he doesn’t want his employer and coworkers to know that he is gay. He works for a construction company and feels that it would put his job in jeopardy. I hate this, because this means he can never be honest about his relationship with Jude. Jude who wears makeup, who is proud of his sexuality, who has never lied about who he is will never be fully in David’s life.Ever.So how can they have a real relationship, David can never really be in love with him because there will always be that fear of being outed. David even admits after his big show of love and apology he would never have done what he did if it wasn’t for the fact that it wasn’t in their home district, and the surety that none of his coworkers would be there. Fuck you David, fuck you sideways.So yeah this book was an epic fail.