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Dead Spots

Dead Spots - Melissa F. Olson First off I want to say that I loved Scarlet, she was smart, sexy, level headed, and chock full of common sense. It was very refreshing to pick up an Urban Fantasy that had a leading lady that was not only practical, but uses her brain to get things done. I mean it, she is a thinker, her job is to clean up messes made by vampires, werewolves, and witches, and she takes her job serious. She never speeds, she services her van monthly, and makes sure she is wearing the most popular shoes so her treads can not be traced. I can not express how much I love this, I seriously love things like this, as well as twists, which this book has as well. The whole time reading this, I was in Urban Fantasy fan girl heaven.I also have to give out a warning cause I know that love triangles are a deal breaker for some people, and there is one in this. I want to say that this isn’t some young adult true love bullshit, there are very valid pros and cons to each of the guys that are interested in her. They are also both very good men, I have to say that I liked most of the characters in this book. I can't say that I liked Dash, but yeah he is the head vampire of the city, and a the very definition of an apex predator. I really don't thing the author wanted anyone to like him, he is a douche canoe of epic proportions.The mystery of this book was really well done, and the pace was great. I didn't find myself skimming ahead out of boredom because the story was dragging. So all in all, I loved this book, and Scarlet, Jesse and Eli. I can't wait til the next one cause they all have room to grow.I do want to put in I do love me a good Urban Fantasy where the main character kicks bad guy ass with wit, sarcasm, and the ability to fight in three inch heels, cause dammit who's fooling who, that is a fucking super power.