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Fire bad, tree pretty!

More of a rant, really.

Fall Hard - J.L. Merrow

This was so disappointing, I was looking so forward to it.


The story was just so trite I could see pages in the future, by the third chapter I had pretty much the whole plot figured out. I really didn’t like what I was seeing.


I have never like books centered on cheaters, and I don’t care what the main character says what he was doing WAS cheating. If you are with somebody, and find yourself wanting somebody else…leave. Just leave. You are just hurting the person you are with, and who you want.

So in saying this I really started disliking the main character. I don’t care that he thought he was doing the right thing by standing by his man, cause if you don’t like him anymore then really he isn’t your man anymore.


So fuck this book, I wish I never bought it.

Half a star.