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Fire bad, tree pretty!
The Pauper Prince (Changing Moon, #1) - Sui Lynn What do I say about this book, that it was a pleasant surprise, a diamond in the rough, a slow start with a great finish.I am going to say D, all of the above.This book started off like a gormless teenager, with abrupt sentences, grammatical errors, and a lot of telling not showing. I was thinking I made a mistake in buying a book this expensive for the quality of editing and thought of returning it.I am SO glad I didn’t, the ending made up for the rough start, and I have the bags under my eyes to prove it. This book kept me up till midnight proving me wrong on more than one of my assumptions and thank the Sparkle Magic Fairy Princess Unicorn for that.I really enjoyed the mythos in this book, it was more native shape shifter or skin walker than Werewolf in London and the vampires had a different twist. In this book there were two kinds of vampires, there were the royals that could breed like humans and have children. Drones the second kind of vampire are humans bitten by a royal vampire where venom is introduced to the bloodstream and transformation occurs. The shape shifters were along the same theme, where the pure bloods could shape shift into multiple animals, but over the years with interbreeding with humans a lot of the were population can only shift into one animal.Now with this in mind, and even though I liked the mythos I got this dread, the overwhelming fear of I could see the future of this book. All I could think is Lance is a fucking vampire were hybrid and no that isn’t over fucking done at all! Praying to the SMFPU that this was not the case and hoping the author would prove me wrong in my assumptions I kept reading even though it was a work night. Oh, and she did and then some...the ending...there is an epiphany and its beautiful!I cant wait for the next book in the series to see were Lance and Andrew's story goes.