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Fairies in My Fireplace (Monster Haven, #3) - R.L. Naquin Find the full review with fun links at my MLE and my blog.Warning: This review will contain spoilers.First off I want to say that I am trying my hardest not to just squeeee and gush about this book. I will probably fail cause this book was just that good, I just want to point out that I am trying.This series has easily become one of my top ten favorites, it's a series that I drop all other titles I am reading to pick up the new installment. Possibly to read the whole series again. These books make me happy, and I just want to shout out to the book world that you really need to read them...really...please...I want people to talk about them with!Okaaaay, to the book at hand...Fairies in My Fireplace is book three in the Monster Haven series. We start off not too long after Pooka ended. Zoey and the gang are exhausted with the hidden coming to her in droves. Something, or someone in the world is hunting the hidden, and Zoey as the last Aegis is the only refuge. That is until it comes to town and strikes in her backyard.There is a ring of Hidden trafficking, and they have one of her own.This is all I want to say about the main plot like cause it was just so well done, so connected to the first two books that it was pure joy to read. There were a few new characters in this, and I hope a few stick around for the novels to follow. Kam, how I love you, with your Pat Benatar outfit, exuberant nature, and constant failures to do housework. (Poor, poor Maurice). The prom dress scene was just so much awesome, it had me giggling like a fool.Now I want to warn you about the ending. My heart, it was just so much. The feels. There were many. So, so many.I loved it, and I really hope my friends with too!