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Fire bad, tree pretty!
Jack Kursed (Damned and Cursed, #3) - Glenn Bullion How I missed the release date on this I don't know, I am feeling pretty red in the face at the moment.Anyways...I got the wonderful opportunity to beta read this book, and it's a really fun story.I love Jack, he is so not a very nice guy, and I love him for it. Jack is sarcastic, selfish, and not just a little bit mean, but we can't hold it against him. I know if I went without sleep for over 100 years you would find me in a corner, crying, and curled into a ball with sporadic bouts of me bashing my head into a wall. So he has every right to be a bit cranky, and self absorbed to the point of being individualistic. What he isn't is a sociopath because if you are someone he holds dear he will go to the ends of the earth for you. I say this because Jack is not like Alex and Kevin they were wonderful caring people who think of others, Jack not so much. I don't want people to brush this book off because of that they will be missing a great story with an awesome edge of your seat ending. I really enjoyed this book, and can't wait for the next installment. Oh and Glenn, when its time you always have a beta reader with me. We can trade Maine lobster for Maryland blue crab.